The Technyl® Force mobile game

The Earth is in danger!
Destructive objects coming from the far reaches of outer space are threatening to invade our planet.
Only the Technyl® Force superheroes can save us.

Become a Superhero

You must become Ray Spark, Optimus Light, Jane Esis, and Max Mercury to fight these formidable dangers.

Save the planet!

Against swarms of radioactive metal, high-voltage spheres, ultra-corrosive liquid, and giga-thermal magma... with your skills and superpowers you have everything you need to wipe out the threat.

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Join the Technyl® Force superheroes and protect our planet Earth!

Technyl® Force Mobile Game Iphone

Need to familiarize yourself with the game?
Start by choosing a Technyl® Force superhero. Once you’ve made it through the first two levels with two characters of your choice, Duo mode opens up for you...


You think Solo mode is a little too easy?
Then give Duo mode a try. You’ll have to switch back and forth between superheroes to catch the right objects! When you make it through the two first levels with two pairs of superheroes, the Technyl® Force world is yours!


You became an expert in Duo mode?
Then Technyl® Force mode is just what you need!

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The Technyl® Force Superheroes

To catch all the objects that are trying to deteriorate the Earth, you're going to have to become each of our superheroes one after the other... and, of course, demonstrate a bit of dexterity!

Play NOW!

Join the Technyl® Force superheroes and protect our planet Earth... It is now up to you to preserve the future of humanity!

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Who wants to get the highest score? Unblock the 4 game levels and move up to the Endless level.
Don't forget to fill in your profile so that you can be listed on the screen of the world's highest scores!